Lifestyles of the Rich and Powerless: Why Muslims Are Failing On the World Stage

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by Lenna

Muslims are abundant in number and command vast resources, so why do we seem powerless?

Take Gaza as an example. All the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims put together can’t liberate that tiny piece of land from those who’ve taken control of a tiny nation about the size of New Jersey.

Yes, the Zionists have the full backing of the United States. But still, we can’t collectively apply enough pressure to achieve any meaningful change for Palestinians?

So we sit by, helpless spectators to each round of bloodletting, knowing the Palestinians living there are suffering with no end in sight.

How can this be?

Royals Click Bait

I got to thinking about this when I caught site of an article regarding the richest royals in the world. Check this out:

Okay, so everyone knows the Saudi royal family is rich. But that rich???

Now check out what happens when we combine the numbers to show what portion of this wealth is in the hands of Muslims:

That’s vast amount of wealth in the hands of Muslims. The problem is that it’s in so few hands, and in the wrong hands as well.

Imagine if instead of building palaces and buying themselves expensive yachts, those families actually devoted resources to uplifting Muslims everywhere.

They alone could definitely make a difference, especially in some of the really poor countries. And they wouldn’t have to sacrifice entirely either.

The could model agreements like the Chinese “win-win” proposals in Africa. Where everyone shares in the wealth they create together.

But what about the broader picture? Apart from oil wealth, what do the Muslims have?

Per Capita Income

Which countries do you think have the highest per capita income in the world? Would you guess that all or most are Western countries?

If so, guess again…

These are the top dozen countries in the word, by per capita income in $US. Notice that Qatar is #1 with a per capita income of more than twice that of the USA.

Among the twelve, five are Muslim-majority countries. There are also two non-Muslim “Asian tigers” and the rest are Western countries.

But, you might say, all that proves is that these super rich royals do share some of the wealth, at least with their own citizens. It says nothing about the wealth of Muslims worldwide.

Word’s Largest Global Economies

Let’s look at this from another angle. Check out the top 10 economies of Muslim-majority countries by size:

Now we see more variety, with countries like Indonesia and Turkey in the lead. But that alone doesn’t tell us much about the relative wealth of Muslims.

So I combined all of the numbers for Muslim-majority countries big and small, and here are the results:

As you can see here, the “Islamic Block” which I’ve defined as countries with a Muslim-majority produce almost 20% of the world’s GDP. That’s not huge compared to the “Big 3,” but it’s still a healthy-sized portion.

Consider that Muslims make up about a quarter of the world’s population. Which at first glance might indicate the Muslim share of the pie is a bit small relative to their population (~20% vs ~25%).

But there are Muslims living all over the world, many outside of Muslim-majority countries, and this “Islamic Block” does not take their wealth into account.

There are about 172 million Muslims in India, for example, and also millions of Muslims living in Western countries. Muslims share some of the wealth in other slices of the pie as well.

Why Are We Powerless?

So why aren’t Muslims more influential on the world stage?

I guess we should define what I mean by “powerless” and “influential.” I’m talking about being able to express the will of the Muslims.

If the Muslims leaders of the world represented us, the US and friends wouldn’t be bombing and plundering one Muslim-majority country after another and Palestine would be free.

There is a consensus on these sorts of things, even if we disagree on many others.

Yet instead we have seen the Saudi regime literally writing blank checks for the United States to destroy Iraq and starve over 1 million of its children to death!

That makes me feel powerless…and angry!

How can Muslims comprise about a quarter of all of humanity and a hold sizable portion of the world’s resources and still be constantly humiliated, robbed, and slaughtered?


Part of the answer is rooted in European colonialism. Europeans siphoned off as much of other people’s wealth and resources as they could.

All colonial territories
All territories which were part of a European colonial empire.

When their former colonies supposedly “won independence,” they really didn’t. The Western countries divided up their lands into “nation-states” that served their own interests.

Then they devised sophisticated schemes to maintain control and continue to siphon the people’s wealth into their own coffers. If you want some basics on how this is accomplished, read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

Palestinians are is still under direct colonial rule because the West “gave” their land to European Jews for a racist, colonial, settler project. But the rest of Europe’s former colonies are now under neo-colonial control, which is less overt.

This form of control includes installing local puppet rulers to subdue and rob their own people.

Sometimes this means installing strong arm dictators, as in the case of Egypt. Other times, the control structure is a fake democracy, like the one they are trying to create in Iraq. Then there are Western-backed monarchies, such as the ones we see in the Gulf States.

Monarchy is Un-Islamic

There is no reason for Muslims to be living under Western-style states of any kind. We have our own form of governance, and should be focused on restoring the Khilafah.

Some people will argue that a monarchy is okay under Islam, though they may very well be “palace scholars” who actually serve a monarchy like Saudi Arabia.

Islam doesn’t confer power to unworthy people simply based on their lineage. Leaders must be intellectually and morally fit, and able to win the approval and allegiance of community leaders.

None of that is going to happen in a monarchy, where whoever is born into the family simply takes power. These unaccountable leaders take and do whatever they want.

We see this with the Gulf States, where the rulers hoard wealth and collude with the kuffar to slaughter Muslims and steal what rightfully belongs to their own brothers and sisters in Islam.

Apostate Rulers

There are Muslims who go absolutely moonbat crazy if you dare to suggest the the rulers of Muslim-majority countries are apostates. I’m not sure why.

Because in a lot of these cases, it’s hard to imagine how one might draw any other conclusion. Often these arguments center on the criteria, the most pertinent of which are:

(1) Ruling by other than what Allah has decreed

(2) Allying with the kuffar against the Muslims

Please tell me where there are rulers of Muslim-majority countries that DO NOT fit one or both of these criteria. I think you’re going to be hard pressed.

Sometimes Muslims will say that we should leave this to the scholars. But then these same Muslims  insist they know the rulers are not apostates. Even though they are also not scholars themselves, proving they are not sincere but simply want their opponents to shut up so they can monopolize the bullhorn.

But I’m not so much concerned with matters of law and criteria, and fighting with people who have no sense. I think to a large degree these are matters of the heart.


Aqeedah is often defined as “creed” or “beliefs” and while that isn’t wrong, it really doesn’t capture the spirit of the word. I had a hard time understanding what aqeedah really is until someone said it’s the “binding of the heart.

That makes a lot more sense to me. To give you some idea of this binding is, think of a man criticizing his sister to one of his friends. The friend listens for a while and then chimes in and agrees the man’s sister is awful.

What do you think will happen? It’s quite likely the first man will become angry and start defending his sister. Even though just moments before he was ranting about her himself!

This is not logical because it’s not a matter of a mind. It’s a matter of the heart.

His heart is bound to his sister, probably more than to his friend, and that bond to his sister asserted itself when he felt she was attacked

If you’re a Muslim, then what binds your heart is Islam, or at least it should be. If it’s not Islam, then what is it instead?

This is a very important question.

The “Muslim” Rulers

When you look at what these “Muslim” leaders are doing, what do you think? I certainly don’t think, “Oh yes, their hearts are bound by Islam!”

Because if they were, they would care about the Muslims worldwide, and would not spend their time licking Western boots and writing checks for them to slaughter Muslims.

They would not be colluding with Zionists to help them terrorize the Palestinians, nor would they be spending billions of dollars to buy the West’s evil weapons of mass destruction.

Look how the Saudi regime is using those weapons in Yemen! It’s disgusting.

And it’s not just the Gulf States. We can take a look at almost any Muslim-majority country and see where the loyalties of their rulers lie.

Forget formal criteria and court procedures that should perhaps be confined to the Khilafah. No one rooted in a sound heart or mind would claim with a straight face these rulers hearts are bound by Islam!

That’s completely ridiculous.

Can you imagine “Muslims” calling me a “terrorist” for speaking the truth while they are shielding the biggest terrorists on earth from legitimate criticism?

What Can We Do?

If you look around at the world today, it’s easy to feel hopeless. But there are things that we can do, starting with speaking the truth.

The whole point of correctly pointing out the rulers are apostates is to attack their legitimacy. Because they are, in fact, not legitimate!

Action starts with ideas and Muslims need to get the idea: stop defending these traitors. If you can’t bring yourself to speak the truth, then at least don’t smack down Muslims who will.

Also you can make du’a and that is huge! I know here in America is you tell a person you’ll pray for them, it’s like…yeah, thanks, whatever. Why don’t you yodel for me too?

But for us, prayers are so incredibly vital that it’s not even possible to overstate their importance. The only way to change qadr (destiny) is through du’a.

Imagine all of the Muslims of the world regularly speaking the truth about their leaders and making sincere du’a. If we want to restore the Khilafah, these are the kinds of things we can and should do right now!

This sort of action doesn’t require you to have vast sums of money or any kind of political clout. Everyone can do this, keeping in mind that every action starts with an idea.

Also remember that when the Muslims burst out of the Arabian desert, they conquered two superpowers that had been going toe-to-toe for centuries. Great things can happen within a single generation, and often do—all you have to do is look at history to see this.


We are in this situation not because of a lack of resources but because of a lack of will.

Right now it appears as if the West has a stranglehold on most of the globe, but really, it’s Allah who is in control of everything. Anything can happen (and has happened), including an insignificant underdog bursting out onto the world stage, surprising everyone.

We have have a pretty big slice of the global pie in terms of both populations and resources. All we need is to trust in Allah, follow right guidance, and express our collective will.

So speak out, make du’a, and always remember that with Allah, all things are possible. 🙂


Sources: (in addition to the CIA World Fact Book):

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From Bahrain to Qatar: These are the 25 richest countries in the world, USA Today


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