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Why Muslims Need to Restore the Khilafah

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by Lenna

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so they say. This year the Satanists are playing the Grinch.

They have set up their wretched displays next to nativity scenes and menorahs. In public squares all over the country.

Satanists have me thinking almost daily…

We need to restore the Khilafah! Because something like this could never happen there.

There are all kinds of things happening in Western society that wouldn’t happen in the Khilafah because of one fundamental difference.

The Crux of the Matter…

  • In Western secularism, ultimate authority (supposedly) rests with the people.
  • In the Khilafah, ultimate authority rests with Allah.

That is the crux of the matter in two sentences. Everything traces back to this basic point of departure.

Muslims need to restore the Khilafah, and we need to do it now. I don’t think there is any more urgent matter before us.

I want to talk about why.


Satanism is something you can speak of in secular as well as religious terms. Satan can be a metaphor for rebellion, which is what a lot of Satanists actually argue.

They play a double game saying, on the one hand, they are atheists. On the other, they have a “religion.” On equal footing with other religions in public spaces.

Atheism is not a religion. Atheists I’ve talked to are adamant. Atheism is the “absence of belief,” not a religion.

So how can the Satanists have it both ways? How can they be atheists with a religion on a par with Christianity?

Zombie-Like Obsessions

In America, it doesn’t seem to matter whether Satanists are atheists or have a religion. Either way, we afford them the same rights as everyone else.

Because the West obsessed with the idea of “equality.” Everything is equal and if you say otherwise, that is “hate.”

So not only is atheism on equal footing with Christianity but so is Satanism. Satanists themselves are very good at arguing this point. They use the secular system to their advantage.

“All or none” the Satanists chanted on a new program I saw recently. They were asserting that either everyone gets a spot on the public square or no one does and they are right.

America structures things that way. The church and state are separate.

There is no preference for Christianity over anything else. Baphomet and Jesus stand should-to-shoulder in the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

Is Equality Always Good?

A lot of people in America seem to see this equality obsession is a good thing. But blind equality is not always the best option. We can easily illustrate this point.

Would you tell a person in a wheelchair to take the stairs? Because we all get “equal” access to the upper stories of a building. Would you see that bid for “equality” as something good?

Justice and righteousness are better goals than equality. Equality only makes sense when it contributes to justice and righteousness.

If all religions are “equal” and deserve equal treatment, then you get the “After School Satan Club.” Those programs are popping up all across America.

Most people in the West don’t seem to think that’s a big deal. And that, dear readers, is why we need the Khilafah.  Muslims are not afraid to put Islam first, above all other religions and ideas.

Satanists would never gain an inch of public space. No one would even think to suggest that Satanism is on par with Islam!

All Truth is No Truth

There’s an intersection between postmodern cynicism and this obsession with equality. Because if there is no objective truth, then every “truth” is equally true and equally false.

In postmodern thought, truth or falsehood is relative based on what an individual decides. This is the logical outcome of vesting ultimate authority in the people.

Who then has the right to dictate truth to anyone else? Each person gets to decide his or her personal truth.

The only constraint is bumping up against the decrees of the other individuals who also view themselves as “gods.” These “gods” likewise get to decide everything for themselves. Short of breaking the law.

If I say I’m a gender-fluid, two-spirit otherkin manifest as a gazelle, don’t you dare tell me otherwise! That’s how I “self-identify.”

We see this manifest right now. All across the land.

People are at loss now to explain how anything is right or wrong. Who is to say it’s wrong? Eat of the fruit, said the serpent, and you shall be as gods.

Satanists like to undermine Allah in every conceivable way. Often through deception.

Knowledge is the Greatest Gift

The biblical story about the Garden of Eden is not an endorsement of ignorance. But that is what the Satanists are implying with a satanic display sporting the theme, “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.”

It’s in the interest of Satan and his minions to disarm people by saying they are atheistic champions of rationality and science.

We should be able to see through this lie. Satanists have no monopoly on science and believing all of creation just popped into existence on its own is not rational.

Indeed, knowledge is the greatest gift. Knowledge of the occult agenda is priceless.

I would like to do write a post in the future regarding the musings of Nikolas Schreck. He’s been surprisingly forthright, despite openly stating he is part of an occult organization.

All knowledge is from Allah. In the Khilafah, this will be clear but for now, in America, it is not.

A Barren Tree

Most Christians seem to have lost the meaning of their own religious doctrine. As I said previously, the lesson of the Garden of Eden is not that “knowledge is bad” or that “ignorance is good.”

Knowledge of good and evil is a feature of free will. If we did not have free will, we wouldn’t recognize good or evil and would have no need to distinguish between good and evil.

Think of the planets in their orbits. They move along as prescribed and don’t have the option of breaking free or their orbits. They just swim along.

The cheetah who stalks and eats his prey has no sense of “good” or “evil.” He just needs to eat.

The biblical story is a profound and deeply spiritual depiction of this reality. We were innocent and unaware of our nakedness until we ate from the Tree of Knowledge.

This is the design that Allah has chosen for us. Where we don’t swim in an orbit or follow our instincts without discernment

Science is a tool for studying the creation and what we glean ultimately strengthens our belief in the Creator. The pursuit of knowledge is a requirement in Islam, and Allah frequently calls upon Muslims to contemplate and reason.

Your Lying Eyes

What amazes me about atheists (and Satanists) claiming they are the champions of rationality is how far off they really are. The ideas they promote are at odds with observable reality.

If you analyze the world based on what traditional religion tells us, you see confirmation. For example, if people engage in widespread sexual immorality, and sexually transmitted diseases flourish. To epidemic proportions.

Even though people continue to claim there is such as thing as “safe sex” and that sexual anarchy “doesn’t hurt anyone.” Such excesses hobble family formation and ultimately correlate to the downfall of civilization.

We know this by means of both scientific inquiry and historical analysis.

Yet the Western public denies these relationships. For the most part and ridicules anyone who points to this reality.

Widespread is the faith-based belief in a secular explanation of everything. Even if most do still hold some vague notion there is a God.

In the Khlilfah, there is no such separation. Islam is a complete system, unlike any other.

Unlike Western secularism, Islam does not produce a society of self-absorbed, hedonistic narcissists. Who despite their individual freedom are often lonely, suicidal, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs.

Traditional moral constraints were there for good reason.

Islam strikes a balance between a person’s individual rights and interests and those of the broader community. The objective is to create a wholesome, flourishing society that’s sustainable over the long run.

Not a Theocracy

In the West, there is another false dichotomy. One that makes it difficult for many people to conceive the Khilafah.

People in the West have decided that mixing religion and state is a very bad idea. It’s “common knowledge” that secular democracy is the best system we have, despite its flaws.

Except, of course, for Israel. Which is allowed to be a “Jewish state” with Jewish laws, on stolen land that rightfully belongs to the Muslims. Where an “Islamic state” would never be allowed. Because the West these days is practically defined by hypocrisy and double standards.

The choice presented to the rest of us is theocracy or secularism. And it’s not really a choice, because secularism has supposedly already won the bet leaving no real room for debate.

But the Khilafah is neither secular nor a theocracy. Odd as that may seem, especially when we say the goal is to raise Allah’s law most high.

How can that not be a theocracy?

The Khalifah is Unique

In a theocracy, the authority rests with the clergy.

In the Khilafah, authority rests with the Caliph and the scholars play a consultative role. Ideally, the scholars under Islamic governance have generally been a check against state power.

The result is a very different historical experience for the Muslims. The West can never impart its own historical experience to others.

Though in more recent times Western colonial forces have fostered “palace scholars” who do their bidding. These “scholars” try to convince Muslims they should be docile in the face of their oppressors.

Once the Khilafah is restored, these traitors will no longer share the public stage.

What the Western invaders can’t achieve in the marketplace of ideas they impose with bombs in the marketplace.

Ultimately, Muslims will interpret Islam and decide how to run their affairs. It is not up to the West to dictate to us, and the sooner they grasp that reality, the better it will be for all of us.

Muslims have our own system of governance, which is superior to anything the West has to offer.

Woefully Lacking Historical Context

I’ve actually heard people argue that the Khilafah is just a Muslim pipe dream. Something that could never work in the real world.

What a spectacular testament to the failure of the Western education system. At least when it comes to history!

You can get all the way through the American education system. From kindergarten to your Ph.D. thesis. And never know anything about the historical role of Islam in the world.

Andalusia Gardens
My own photo, overlooking Granada from the terraced gardens of Alhambra.

Muslims had the Khilafah for 1300 years! From the time of the Prophet Muhammad until the spring of 1924 when the Ottoman Empire dissolved.

The demise of the Khilafah was less than a century ago! How can people believe it never existed?

But that’s why we need a historical perspective.

Seasons of History

If you had lived a thousand years ago, you might well have believed Islam would take over the entire world! We are swimming in a very different historical moment now.

I’ve long wanted to write a post about the seasons of history. It’s such an important topic, I can’t believe it’s not really taught in schools.

Yes, they do teach us in some vague sense that history comes in cycles. But not the way John Bagot Glubb explains the concept in The Fate of Empires.

Not more than 30 pages long, I found the knowledge I gleaned from that paper to be life-changing. Some of what we see in the West today is the rot we would expect in this particular season.

It’s amusing to see articles in the major media asking silly questions. “What would American decline look like?” As if it’s a theoretical notion!

Look around. The signs are everywhere.

No one escapes the seasons of history. Which is why the Khilafah is currently hibernating instead of leading the world.

Catastrophe Ahead

The West overtook Islam about 200 years ago. We can split hairs over timing and pivotal events. But many historians cite Napolean’s invasion of Egypt and Syria in 1798 C.E. as a turning point.

Napolean was not able to hold onto Egypt and Syria. Still, it was the beginning of the end of the Muslims on the world stage.

Over the last two centuries, the West has come to dominate the planet. The Muslims are weak and divided.

We can do nothing (for now) to stop the Western juggernaut. So it rampages on, wrecking and plundering other people’s lands at will.

Western leaders are quite clever. Those in positions of power have used every imaginable tactic to ensure the Khilafah cannot rise again.

Westerners have infected Muslims with the disease of nationalism. They have crisscrossed Muslim lands with borders that suit their own interests.

Western leaders and corporate benefactors install puppets to help them subjugate and rob the public. And call it “democracy.”

The West spreads its propaganda through the global media. Through this vehicle, they deny Muslims their history and confidence in their own legacy and beliefs.

Western governments and institutions use debt slavery, covert meddling, and extreme violence to achieve their goals. Anything to impose their will on everyone outside the Western orbit.

What happens if Muslims dare to challenge this Western onslaught? They call us “radicals” or even “terrorists.”

Crusader Victories

The West can disparage Islam to infinity. But if you to notice their society is utterly depraved and mad, you’re a hateful radical. The Crusaders reserve for themselves rights they deny to us and have done so ever since they took over Muslim lands.

French troops seized Damascus in 1920. Legend has it that General Henri Gouraud kicked his the tomb of a long-dead Muslim hero and declared, “Saladin, We’re back!”

I don’t know if that is true or not. But it is true that the West finally achieved their Crusader goals.

not israel

When they imposed the Jews on Palestine, for example.

Establishing their Crusader fortress through duplicity. Where they have terrorized and subdued Muslims by proxy ever since.

The goal of the West is to keep Muslims weak and divided. While they gradually colonize Muslim minds along with lands.

Today, some of the greatest obstacles to restoring the Khilafah are Muslims themselves!

Patriots of Pakistan, Kurdistan, Palestine and beyond. Who want to entrench the ways of the kuffar, and replace Islam with the West’s satanic beast system.

We must counter this narrative because it’s toxic.

Satanic Cesspool

There is no better example of why the West is toxic than the West itself. Even by its own traditional Christian moral values, the US is a satanic cesspool.

Yes, I know that sounds hyperbolic. But I live here and I trudge through the streets each day. I know what it’s actually like on the ground.

Actually, everyone here knows what it’s like and they also realize the society is in decline. Though most don’t see the picture in the same stark terms that I do.

A majority of Americans now believe their society is in decline.

Trump’s winning campaign message offers a major clue. What is the presupposition behind “Make America Great Again?”

Of course, America’s social decay and moral bankruptcy are glossed over. Justified and even painted as “progress.”

Every Day is Opposite Day

This is not my first trip around this merry-go-round. I’ve tried to write this post at least a half a dozen times before.

There is just so much to criticize that it’s hard to know where to begin. And even harder to know where to end!

But there is a way to distill the problem. So that every issue traces back to the same point of departure.

People seem to love the simplicity of slogans. The best one for the job, in this case, is, “Every day is opposite day.

McDonald’s logo is turned upside down in honor of International Women’s Day in Lynwood, California.

American society is turning whatever Allah has decreed upside down. Just consider the exact opposite of whatever moral lessons you find in scripture and voila…you have the latest social trends.

That is Satanic and that is what is happening. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, you can discern that on your own.

Let’s look at a few examples.


Feminism is fertile soil for every depraved, disgusting, satanic idea anyone can imagine. And even some ideas that most of us could never imagine on our own!

Right from the outset feminists wanted to destroy the family. Along with the entire moral underpinning of traditional society.

For this reason, feminists have always promoted sexual promiscuity and perversion. From the start, homosexuality was on the feminist agenda.

Later their advocacy shifted to “gender theory.” So that the even the most basic biological reality of the human being is called into question.

It’s hard to imagine any group that has done more to destroy society’s moral compass than feminists. Their “opposite day” tactics are so obvious, they seem to be proving my point.

Two Genders

Allah told us that there are two genders, male and female. Men and women have complementary roles. He confined sex to marriage, which is a sacred bond between people of the opposite gender.

Those three sentences alone are enough to wash away an ocean of filth and depravity. In the Khilafah, none of these points are up for debate.

The message is essentially the same in Christianity. Christian doctrine would contain the society’s worst impulses if Christians still believed! Which is why their dominant religious has been so ruthlessly attacked.

In the Khilafah, Islamic doctrine is the Constitution. Allah is the authority and what He has decreed stands.No one can come along and say that Allah was wrong in the Khilafah.

That the moral compass needs to be smashed so people can be “as gods” and make up their own rules.

Pride Good, Shame Bad!

There is no such thing as a “proud slut” in the Khilafah. This is not going to be on public display.

Sexual promiscuity is out of alignment with clearly-defined moral values. It’s a source of shame, not pride!

Feminists parade around in “SlutWalks” trying to instill “pride” in being a “slut.”

That is literally what they do. Yet somehow people think that’s okay. Maybe even laudable.

Homosexuals have adopted a similar set of slogans under the banner of “Gay Pride.” Once again, what is shameful is framed as a source of pride.

The Gift of Shame

Why should a man feel proud of sodomizing another man?

How does that make any sense at all? Yet that is what we’re told by those who hoist the rainbow flag and insist we go along.

In reality, shame is an amazing gift. It is the ability to discern right from wrong stretching all the way back to the Garden of Eden.

Just as Adam and Eve became aware of their own nakedness, we realize whatever we’re doing is sinful. Out of alignment with our moral compass.

Feminists and gay advocates want to smash our moral compass so concepts such as “sin” and “shame” are completely lost. They are ushering in satanism (opposite day, every day) whether they realize it or not.

The Rainbow

Why aren’t Christians having a complete meltdown over the rainbow flag? Does anyone actually read the Bible anymore?

The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise to never again resort to floods to cleanse filth and sin from the earth. Yet the homosexuals have co-opted this very symbol.

They mock God by using His symbol to represent sin. How do they get away with that? Most Christians don’t seem to mind.

Churches are hoisting the rainbow flag as a symbol of “pride.” Using the sacred House of God to promote what He has forbidden!

Now homosexuals are allowed to “marry.” This makes a mockery of procreative marriage.

These “couples” are also allowed to adopt children. Children who will necessarily be denied either a mother or a father.

If Allah had meant for two men or two women to parent children, He would have made them able to do so by natural means.

A child can see this reality. Yet everyone must underwrite benefits for these gay Franken families through our taxes.

That is no small thing when you consider costly benefits like social security. Benefits meant to help real families create a sustainable, wholesome society.

We don’t underwrite expensive social benefits programs so that people can indulge their fetishes and selfish perversions. This forced subsidy of what is clearly prohibited in Islam is making it harder and harder to be a neutral party, living in a Western country.

We need the Khilafah. Before gays hoist their vile “rainbow flag” from our minarets.

I shudder to think…

Trans Madness

Just when we thought things could scarcely get weirder, Western society started aggressively promoting transgenderism. Actually, it’s been going on for decades, but now it’s in full swing.

And yes, I do know it’s not “correct” to say “transgenderism.” Because the snowflakes are “triggered” by everything. Thus they expect us to cater to their whims and tedious verbal constructs.

We must master verbal acrobatics to avoid using “transgenderism” even though its a form consistent with our language. While we’re also busy learning each individual’s unique set of pronouns and memorizing which of the 50+ genders they imagine themselves to be.

Check out the Genderbread Person, now on its 4th iteration, and tell me if you want to laugh or cry!

Now children barely out of diapers are “questioning their gender.” Mostly because their parents belong in a padded room!

Conchita Wurst

I hate to pick on a particular individual but I must say Conchita Wurst makes me sick.

“She” doesn’t make me sick because of what I think of “her” but because of how I react whenever I see “her.” It is a gut reaction I won’t try to suppress.

“She” is an HIV+ man masquerading as a woman while announcing to the world “she” has sex with men. Wurst wears dresses but has a full beard and mustache, right alongside “her” fake eyelashes, makeup, nail polish, and other “female” regalia.

This “celebrity” is a walking atrocity. When this person is a popular celebrity, you know you’re living in a sick society that is destined for the historical dustbin.


Pedophilia is the next frontier for social “progress.” Just behind dating a horse.

We already see the signs with the hypersexualization of children. The “they can’t help it” excuses doled out on behalf of pedophiles, as it was the homosexuals before them. This is not mere speculation. You can read the “born this way” pitch for sympathy in this article.

Christians who made “slippery slope” arguments must feel vindicated! We’re all sliding down the slope now, into the abyss.

Ask yourself why it is most people find pedophilia so disgusting.

Isn’t it because it robs children of their innocence? Premature sexual contact harms children in ways that often last a lifetime.

So what do you make of a society that robs its children of sexual innocence right from birth? Sure we still say it’s wrong to actually fondle the genitals of babies.

But we have no problem confusing them about their gender and sexuality. Some crazed parents assault their children fresh out of the womb by insisting on “gender neutral” birth certificates.

Exposing everyone to sex nonstop, night and day, from birth onward is utterly depraved. And this depravity is very much a feature of Western society today.

In the Khilafah, sex is a private matter. Not something you advertise to anyone, let alone to children!

Born This Way

The “born this way” argument is an insult to Allah. No one is “born gay” and try as they may, none of these “activists” can prove otherwise.

We are just supposed to accept people are “born this way” so that we can’t say anything they do is wrong. It’s supposed to be like a race.

You can’t help it. Thus we must accept you as your “authentic self.”

I don’t accept this equivalence. Your skin color really is something you were born with. Sexual conduct is a behavior over which we do exercise control.


Over 99% of people are fine with their gender biological gender. Only about 3-4% of the population “identify” as homosexual.

Yet supposedly gender is NOT inborn but homosexuality IS. Does that make any sense at all? On whose authority are we resting such “truths”?

This isn’t about evidence-based conclusions. It’s about social engineering rooted in Satanism.

It’s amusing to watch feminists and transgenders duke it out on social media because of yet another contradiction. If there are no “women” and “men” then how can you want to be one or the other?

Don’t high heels and fake eyelashes just reinforce the dreaded “gender binary” and stereotype women?

We can leave that for them to sort. Until people figure out the agenda they’re pushing is nonsense.

A Fate Worse than Marriage?

Now two men or two women can “marry” in most Western countries, including America.

Marriage no longer a sacred, procreative bond. It’s a moral seal of approval for sexual degeneracy.

Meanwhile, people in the West gaze across the sea and decry “child marriage” in countries outside the Western orbit. Especially when they want to attack Islam. Which they blame for every social ill, as defined by them.

It seems in the West, your daughter can have sex with a steady stream of boys. That is okay.

She should continue this pattern with one boyfriend after another until she is older and out of university. With a good job.

By the time she hits her late 20s or early 30s, she can finally “settle down.” This is supposedly ideal.

The worst possible fate for a girl of 15-20 is marriage, according to Western dictates. Being a “proud slut” is a virtue and marriage is a vice.

Everything is as always upside down! Does anyone ever step back and wonder if that makes any sense at all?

Embracing Early Marriage

In the Khilafah, society will encourage early marriage. People should marry between 16 and 20. Because when Muslims say that sex should be confined to marriage, we mean it.

Family formation works best when spouses have fewer previous sexual partners. People are not going to keep their virginity for decades while they wait for marriage.

Couple's Shoes

There is no reason you can’t marry and then go to college and no biological reason why someone 16 can’t marry.

Marriage is for homosexuals and thirty-somethings. But young people must avoid it at all costs! That does not make any sense as a social policy. Such customs will not lead to a sound, sustainable society.

If you think otherwise, read The Fate of Empires. When feminism and homosexuality rise, society falls. That’s the reality of the world, whether “progressives” like it or not.

Future Posts

What I’ve written so far are examples off the top of my head. I would love to do future posts on topics that deserve more in-depth coverage.

Insha’Allah, I’ll get to some of that. For now, it will have to suffice to hit the highlights.

Who knows what sort of insane sickness will be fashionable by the time I get around to writing my next post.

Filth and insanity are engulfing Western society at an alarming pace. This is the logical outcome of secularism. Each of us exercising personal sovereignty.

Under such a notion, who on earth can impose a “truth” on any of us? If the people hold the ultimate authority, then they are the arbiter of what is right and true. Good and evil.

If you say you’re a pansexual intersex lamppost, then you are. I have no right to question your “self-identification.” It’s your personal truth, which I must acknowledge and even embrace.

Hugs to Conchita Wurst, for being “her” authentic self, beard, bra, and all. Or not!

The Awakening

This has gone so far down the path of depravity that some people have noticed. I have written before about A Call for an Uprising. His YouTube channel exposes a lot of what I’m describing here. From a Christian perspective.

But it’s not only devout Christians who are taking notice. There is already a backlash in some quarters, even among young people.

I see the most pushback among young people against feminism and transgender madness. Even if homosexuality has more or less sustained its free pass.

The reason for this, as I see it, is fitrah. The natural understanding of what is in accordance with creation.

The discernment we all have as a birthright. No matter how hard Satan’s minions attempt to tamp it down with confusing propaganda.

Slavery is Freedom

All societies have rules. All. Of. Them. Including this madhouse where one of the rules is you can’t criticize the madhouse.

People freaked out over Milestones, even though it’s a mild book. I tell people I’ve read it four times (which I have) and that ups my “extremists” street cred quite a lot.

Except what he wrote isn’t “extreme” and it has everything to do with this idea of “oppression.”

If you submit to Allah, that is the closest to complete freedom you can ever have as a human being. You must submit to something (as you are not a “god”).

So if it is not the Creator, then it is something in His creation. Such as greed or nationalism.

As such, anything that is not what Allah decreed is what constitutes oppression. It’s an obstacle to you submitting to Allah–and thereby to nothing and no one else.

This is what it means to raise Allah’s law most high. To allow people to submit to Allah with the fewest possible obstacles standing in their way.

Once they have that opportunity, that’s it. Muslims do not force the horse to drink the water once he is led to the river.

So what Qutb promoted was not oppression but liberation. What he promoted is the Khilafah.

A Cozy Niche

I live here, in America. Right in the belly of the beast and at this point I’m pretty content.

Does that sound like a contradiction? Living here is like trudging through a sewer, yet I like it pretty well? Hmm…

Well, at this point there is no Khilafah and I’m not a child. So I can carve out a niche for myself, an oasis of sorts, especially since I’m not trying to raise a family here.

America is not going to be a part o the Khilafah, so no one needs worry I’m on a stealth mission here. I’m content to dream of the Khilafah in lands where Muslims are a majority.


But I’m not entirely content to stay quiet. Because we need to talk about the need for the Khilafah, sooner rather than later.


Muslims need to understand some things. The West has built largely upon Muslim ideas. Allah bequeathed to us a superior system 1400 years ago.

Even if we restore the Khilafah, we will not defeat the seasons of history. If we anyone could, we’d still be living our dream to this day!

Every flower has a lifecycle. But not every flower is equally fragrant and beautiful. The most gorgeous bouquet to bless the earth is the Khilafah, hands down.

Yes, in our Khilafah we absolutely can successfully argue where secularists fail. We can oppose Baphomet statues on the courthouse lawn and chase the Satanists up a tree.

Because we will never pretend that anything is equal to Allah’s decree. Or that any truth is alien to Islam.

In the Khilafah, there is one God, Allah Most High, and revealed truth (Islam) is the basis for everything in society.

It really is that simple, and the time to say so is now.

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I am sorry to say but in one go you have completely demolished the respect I had built up for your previous clear headed analysis of Islamic matters. This piece reads like the ill informed rant of fundamentalist, a total contrast to your earlier work. You make absurd crass generalisations about feminists and homosexuals, as if they were a monolithic bloc of like minded thinkers. To say that homosexuals are made not born not only flies in the face of all scientific evidence but are the words of someone who has clearly never spoken to a gay person in their… Read more »


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It really brings me joy when I see young people like you having this mindset and not afraid to say the Haq. I really appreciate this article sister. May Allah bless you and your family.