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Mercy Like the Rain Is Falling Down

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Dreaming of  Cleansing Rains

by Lenna

Today I’m fantasizing about Allah’s mercy coming down like rain to purify and comfort us.

Imagine if torrents of rain came down to cleanse away the filth that’s all around.

Living in this particular time and place, it’s hard to ever feel spiritually clean. Sometimes it seems there’s no escape from the stench and sewage that covers the earth.

No place today is safe.

Would you believe even Pakistan has had its own version of RuPaul? A man dressed up as a woman hosting a talk show that was wildly popular, starting in 2010.

I was shocked when Pakistani friend first introduced me to that talk show! It’s a disgrace.

A place like rural Afghanistan is one of the few places where you can escape. One of the last bastions on earth, which I suspect is one of the main reasons the Satanic West is working so hard to destroy it.

When Death is a Mercy

I said to one of my coworkers last week that I was sorry to hear his mother died over the holidays. He thanked me and said it was okay.

She had lived a long, healthy, happy life and spent the holidays with her children just before she went on a cruise. Then upon return, she simply died, without any prolonged suffering.

He said she had told him some time ago she was ready to go. She considered death a welcome relief from what this filthy, disgusting, depraved society has become.

My mother said the same before she died. So while we miss our mothers terribly, we know death for them was an escape and a mercy.

Our mothers, by the way, were not Muslims. In both cases, they were Christians, so it’s not just the Muslims in these depths of despair.

Yes, even some non-Muslims prefer death to living in this society!!!

How sad is that? But how else can we escape?

It would be amazing if we could restore the Khilafah and build a clean, wholesome society rooted in Islam. The West could take our example, follow suit, and raise themselves up, or continue to marinate in filth.

It would be up to them on their own soil, but either way, we’d finally be free.

Can you even imagine that? Allah soothing us with His mercy and purifying everything.

How awesome it would be to uproot the West from Muslim lands! To force the kuffar to take their bombs, globalist organizations, greedy corporations, satanic pop culture, “freedom and democracy,” and yes, even their “human rights” and “international law“…and go.

Oh and take your nasty little Zionist Crusader fortress too, Resurrect that evil monstrosity on your own soil, if you like. It never belonged in Palestine to begin with, and it simply has to go!

Take it all, please!

Go back to your own lands, and mind your own affairs. That’s better for everyone.

American as Apple Pie

People like to point out that I’m American sometimes when I’m ranting. Well that’s an accident of birth!

I don’t hate America anyway. There are a lot of things to love in this country, including the beautiful lands themselves.

I think the people here are like people anywhere, and they deserve better guidance. Only a few are working to corrupt everything, but the rest of the people I see as victimsespecially the children.

But this is still a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah…and probably even worse!

Ornate golden gate

I wish we could turn this around, but I don’t see a way, so instead, an old expression comes to mind:  Good fences make good neighbors.

I think we should build one. And yes, I’ll gladly pack up my bags and move to the Muslim side, as long as the West promises to keep out. 

I really wish Westerners could comprehend how overbearing their presence is to some of us. This is about wanting to breathe.

No one is allowed to breathe anything but the Western stench night and day!

Floods and Rainbows

How could God send those floods? I used to wonder that when I was a kid, listening to Bible stories.

Now I understand the impulse! Wash it all away and start over!

Except He promised not to bring floods like that, ever again. He said in the Bible the rainbow is supposed to symbolize His promise and mercy forever.

rainbow over water

A beautiful idea until you consider how the homosexuals co-opted that symbol and made it represent exactly the kind of filth and depravity the floods once washed away.

Can you think of any more brazen, hateful way to denigrate a Christian symbol?

Yet churches actually hoist this “gay pride” rainbow flag as if they have never in their entire lives bothered to read their own scriptures. Grrrr.

I can’t see Muslims allowing this disturbing flag to be draped over our mosques. The very idea has me immersed in dreams of sturdy fences and cleansing rains!

The Home of Peace

The point is not to rant so much as get people to grasp the mood. Words like “drowning” and “suffocating” come to mind, followed by words of relief like “cleansing” and “purifying.”

If you ever want to know why Islam is so appealing to lots of people, know that for some it’s a lifeline. A way to pull themselves back up out of the abyss and bring some joy to life.

As any regular reader already knows, I’m a convert to Islam. I was born into a Christian home and wound up and agnostic before I found Islam.

When I first discovered Islam completely by accident, I cried and cried. Literally sobbed for days on end, and I’m not even sure why!

But it was cathartic. I found it hard in many ways to adapt to the ways of the Muslims, but my belief in Allah and His messenger has never wavered, alhamdulilah.

Light in Darkness

I was complaining one day to a Muslim friend who’s from India about how disgusting and filthy this society is. She agreed, but said that it should make us grateful.

Because Islam shines so bright and clear in circumstances such as these.

Not even the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was spared. He too lived in a time  when filth and debauchery were all around. Where he himself brought the cool rains of mercy and the light of faith.

Contrast is among the best teachers. If we didn’t know cold, then hot would have no meaning. If there were no poverty, there would be no generosity.

Living in a cultural sewer has sent me in search of a ladder. That ladder is the straight path of Islam which leads to spiritual ascendance and peace for the believer, no matter where we’re situated in the material world.


I’m grateful to Allah every single day for bringing me to Islam. For pouring love into my heart and peace into my soul, and for giving me right guidance. Alhamdulilah.

I want to see the Khilafah reborn, but in the meantime, by Allah’s grace, I’ve carved out a little sanctuary where I can sometimes retreat…and dream of torrents of cool and cleansing rains. 🙂

This post takes its name from a nasheed by Shaam, which is linked below. Enjoy! 🙂 

(Warning: It’s acappella but it does have a drum beat in the background):


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