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Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

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We Need to Leave Afghanistan

by Lenna

I saw the Neocons grumbling about Trump’s plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan and Syria. I fully support getting out of these countries.

Why are we still in Afghanistan after 17 years anyway? What is it we want there?

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. I know American leaders can cite some sort of “interests” but we can say exactly the same about every square inch of earth.

Every country has some resources or a strategic location or some such thing. But in reality, we don’t need to be in all of these places, and least of all Afghanistan.

Afghans don’t accept foreign invaders. That’s one of the best-known, time-tested geopolitical realities of life on earth.


You can go all the way back to Alexander the Great in 300 BC and see that the Afghans spit out foreign invaders, no matter how powerful they are. The British, the Soviets, and now the Americans.

There’s a reason Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires. Why does America think it’s special?

America will be the one that conquers and keeps Afghanistan? I don’t think so!

Trump said he’ll pull out troops and to me, that’s a welcome move. I don’t watch the news besides a little here and there so I don’t know the details.

I know the US can officially pull out and still have a pretty big presence in a country. So I don’t really believe the US will ever leave any Muslim-majority country by choice.

Speaking of other Muslim-majority countries, why do we have troops deployed in so many of them?

Garrison the Globe?

Occasionally I see news stories of American soldiers killed in Syria and even Nigeria. What are we doing in those countries?

I know Syria has a war going on but what’s it to us? Syria is thousands of miles away.

Yes, the Neocons are all for invading every country all the time. They want to “project American power” and that means spending more and more money on weapons and the military and scattering troops across the globe.

But what do we really get out of that? Have our leaders ever cracked open a history book? Do they know the meaning of the phrase “imperial overstretch“?

If you look at the countries on America’s ongoing target list, it really is stunning. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Nigeria, Libya, Djibouti

In addition to “hot spots” where the military is launching operations, the US has a permanent military presence. We’re in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain.

This is in addition to the countries already listed as targets. Concentrations are especially heavy in tiny Qatar and Bahrain. The US is deeply intertwined with all of the petty regimes in the rich Gulf States.

Overall, the US has over 50,000 troops in the Middle East and over 300,000 troops stationed all over the world. In so-called “peacetime.”

Why? Is someone really going to argue Djibouti is vital to America interests?

This is crazy!

Fueling Terrorism

Then people complain about “Islamic terrorism.” As if Muslims just woke up one day and decided they wanted to attack Westerners for no reason at all.

It’s hard to convince anyone we’re not engaged in a war against Islam. Mostly because we are!

The Neocons, in particular, recognize that Islam is the last bulwark against the spread of America’s satanic system in many parts of the world. China is arguably an obstacle too.

But the US believes it can control and plunder Muslim lands and so that’s the focal point.

Consider now how the Taliban is gradually taking back Afghanistan. The US will eventually pull out of that country in defeat. It’s just a matter of time.

Yet if you read Neocon websites like The Long War Journal, they want us to step up efforts and bolster the puppet regime there. That’s their answer to everything and they aren’t going to let reality stand in the way.

Remember when Karl Rove said they create reality? The arrogance of the Neocons is a big as the galaxy and they act like our budget is too!


We didn’t even have an income tax until 1913. The initial tax was small but now we’re paying huge taxes with most people in about a paying a quarter to a third (or more!) of their earnings in US income taxes.

Yet the government tells us we don’t have money to provide our citizens with basic healthcare. Why not?

Puerto Rico is technically part of the US but some aspects of their system is separate. They are not burdened with the Internal Revenue Service and don’t have to pay US income tax.

Income tax in Puerto Rico is very low at 4%. Puerto Rico isn’t busy invading and trying to control every country on the planet. These wars cost trillions of dollars!

People really need to think about this. Why are you paying so much in taxes and getting so little in return?

If you’re an American taxpayer, why do you put up with your government wasting literally TRILLIONS of dollars to kill other people and tear up their countries???

What does the average American get for the trillions spent trying to secure Afghanistan? Besides a huge heroin problem?

Grand Scale Terrorism

We attacked Afghanistan supposedly because of 9/11. Yet it’s our own foolish, violent, unjust actions that generate terrorist attacks in the first place.

How will doing more of the same reduce terrorism? You can’t effectively fight terrorism with more terrorism.

How about rethinking our policies?

Get out of Muslim-majority countries and mind your own affairs, America. It’s not that hard to understand.

One of the stated goals of Osama Bin Laden was to bleed the American beast. To take advantage of America’s greed and blood lust by drawing the US into endless conflicts.

That’s working. Has anyone noticed? It seems like OBL knew the US and the history of imperialism pretty well.

Taliban Success

At this point, the Taliban is focusing on urban centers because those are the areas where the US and puppets still have a hold. It’s going to get very messy even though the Taliban said it’s trying hard to prevent civilian casualties.

Why not just leave? Just concede defeat and go home?

This would spare thousands of lives. Of US and Afghan troops as well as civilians. It would be a perfectly sensible end to a “war” that never made sense in the first place.

We won’t do the sensible thing, of course. Even if we pull out troops, we’ll try to maintain control and never openly admit defeat.

Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan

What difference will it make to our daily lives anyway? Most Americans probably can’t name the leaders of major European countries yet for some reason governance in Afghanistan is a top priority for us?

If anything the top priority should be getting the Taliban back in power so they can tamp down the opium trade again! That would actually benefit Americans.

We Never Lose (or Win)

Have you noticed how nebulous the concept of war is now for the US? We’re supposed to have a process with checks and balances.

Before we send in troops, we’re supposed to consider the situation and declare war when necessary. Does anyone even talk about that anymore?

Did we declare war on Nigeria,  Somalia, and Djibouti?

We don’t have a definite start to many of these combat operations and we don’t have a definite end either. Do we even know what objectives we’re trying to achieve?

How do you know if you’ve “won” if you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish?

How do you know when to leave? I guess you just stay forever and destroy things in the name of “freedumb and dumbocracy.”

How does that make any sense at all???

The US will be chased out of Afghanistan and the Taliban will retake control. That’s going to happen to it’s really just a matter of how much more blood and treasure the US wants to squander in the meantime.

What that defeat will prove once again is that the US is a paper tiger. In case anyone still had a doubt.

Think about it. When was the last time the US enjoyed a decisive victory? Which war did we “win”?

Certainly not Vietnam. Even though people get hysterical if anyone dares to admit we lost that war.

Former US secretary John Kerry once described the war with Vietnam as the “most profound failure of diplomatic insight and political vision.” He said we were no longer doomed to make the same mistakes and that…

“We have the ability to overcome great bitterness and to substitute trust for suspicion and replace enmity with respect.” ~ Former Secretary of State John Kerry

Yes, we have the ability. But do we have the will?


There are limits to military power, America. You can’t just spend a gazillion dollars on weapons and scatter troops all over the place to destroy things and kill people and “win.”

What is it our leaders think that achieves???

I seriously don’t know what the point is. I hear excuses, not reasons, and they’re ridiculous.

We should pull out of Afghanistan right now. Get off of every inch of Afghan soil and leave that country alone.

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