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Idiocracy and the FCKH8 Campaign

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This is Child Abuse

by Lenna

Sometimes I really wish I’d never seen the movie Idiocracy. Some people say it’s just a stupid movie, but I say it’s a brilliant movie about stupidity.

The society devolves into idiocy, so the language is mangled beyond recognition. People are loud, obnoxious, and completely devoid of any sense of shame or decency.

The real-world restaurant that starts out as Fuddruckers gradually devolves to Futtbuckers, Buttruckers, and finally, Butt:Fuckers.

This film supposedly takes place 500 years in the future, but sometimes I feel like we’ve already arrived.

The latest videos from the FCKH8 could easily be woven into the plot of an Idiocracy sequel. Not only are little girls dropping the f-bomb left and right, but FCKH8 has adopted the vulgar, middle finger solute popularized in Idiocracy.

Feminist Madness

Naturally, the folks at FCKH8 are not just feminists but also “gay rights” activists who equate all opposition to homosexual behavior with “hate.”

I don’t hate women and I don’t hate people who struggle with same-sex attraction. Hurling the H word at everyone who disagrees is a way to stifle discussion.

In this case, I’m not sure we even need to have a discussion. I think the videos speak for themselves.


Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by The “Teachers Can’t Talk About Homos” Law

Welcome to Costco, I love you…welcome to Costco, I love you….welcome to Costco, I love you…

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