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Will the Fifth Year Be the Best?

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Fifth Year of I Can Haz Khilafah?

by Lenna

Hello everyone. I hope 2019 is off to a good start for you.

I just wanted to write a quick post about what’s going on with I Can Haz Khilafah? this year. I started this blog in late 2014, so this will be my fifth full year, insha’Allah.

So far this has been my best January ever in terms of visitors and views. My best year so far was actually 2015 because I was active on Twitter.

Sometimes a prominent person with lots of followers would pick up one of my posts and really boost my numbers. But I left Twitter because for me it was addictive.

I still tweet some of my posts, but I just don’t have much of a presence there anymore. I’ve also left Disqus and it seems most of my friends from there are not coming here anymore.

So why is traffic up?

Because I’m getting more organic search traffic, which is what I’m really aiming for anyway.

Organic traffic is the kind you don’t have to pay for. People search for keywords and your site comes up.

If your site ranks and people see it, that counts as an “impression.” If they decide to click, then that counts toward your “click ratio.”

It used to be a lot easier to rank in Google and other search engines. Some of the old tricks people used to rank high don’t work anymore and can get your site penalized.

But more to the point, there’s a lot more competition with each passing year. People from all over the world post over 2 million new blog posts every single day!

That’s a lot of competition! Without any paid advertising or a social media presence, it’s not as easy to draw in visitors.

Yet people are visiting, and for that, I’m really grateful. Alhamdulilah.

Big Plans

This year for the first time in years, my personal life has settled down. Insh’Allah, I’ll have more time to write some of the pieces I’ve had planned forever!

Today I added the Travel page you see on the top nav, next to the About page. I’ve included a list of all the travel posts I’ve either completed or have planned for future posts.

There are a lot more planned than actually written. I’m hoping to pick up the pace on the Wanderlust Travel Series I launched with this post last summer and work through my list.

I’m always finishing up the second half of my convert story, which I hope to publish later this week. (Accidental sneak peek: I briefly published the draft in progress and a few people read it before I took it down…oops!)

I don’t plan to write any posts this year regarding Digital Marketing. Not here anyway because I’m going to write for a corporate blog instead, insha’Allah.

I love sharing knowledge for free but I also have to put food on the table. So I need to bill some hours and get paid for some of my writing as well. 🙂

Islam and Travel

I’d like to focus on Islam this year, much more than in the past, as well as my travels. Apart from that, I’m going to try to not to meander around too much.

Though this is my personal blog and I tend to think it should just write about whatever strikes my fancy, I do want to hone in on an audience with shared interests. It’s pretty hard to do that if your interests are scattered all over the place.

Right now about three-quarters of the visitors to this blog are new. So it’s a great time to develop a niche and try to build a following.

I’ve never cared about attracting a huge number of visitors. I don’t even want to manage the comments that come with lots of traffic.

I was a moderator and contributor on a blog for seven years, and I think I’ve had my fill. Especially since I often played the role of a bouncer, trying to keep our visitors safe from trolls.

But I do like the idea of attracting people who share my interests and who keep coming back because they like the content I’m creating.


I feel really optimistic about this year. Whether visitors pour in or there’s just trickle, I enjoy writing.

I hope to add 100 posts this year. Lots of them will be posts I’ve been planning for years, insha’Allah.

Anyway, I just wanted to add a quick update.

I also want to start the new year by saying thank you, everyone, who stops by from time and to welcome new visitors. You literally have millions of other options, so when you choose to visit my blog, it’s really gratifying.

I hope 2019 will be an awesome year for all of us. 🙂



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Gul Ghutai
Gul Ghutai

Salaam Lenna! I hope you’re doing fine. Gaah I was stuck in studies and did not have a chance to check your blog but now as I see, I am surprised to see all these frequent beautiful posts, Masha Allah. I am reading them one by one.
And I would like to correct you, we, the people from disqus, still come here. But the hectic routine does not let us.
I will be visiting again, Insha Allah.


Wasalaam Sis, I’m so happy to see you here! I was just thinking the other day that I miss you and how things used to be. After the falling out on Disqus, I felt really bitter and angry. It was hard to separate what happened from the individuals who were involved. But I’m over that now and you and me were never the drivers anyway. We were caught in the crossfire, with you-know-who driving everything into the ground! I wish that had never happened. Remember how we used to have fun together? Joking and playing and enjoying roasted puppies. LOL… Read more »