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Disqus: A Stalker’s Paradise

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Disqus Lets Stalkers Run Wild

by Lenna

Disqus stalkers can ruin your experience on that platform. I used to write for a blog, and it was there I first encountered my stalker, who has persisted for over six years.

Things were okay at first, and then maybe two years in, this person wrote a romantic poem for me in Urdu and began expressing his affection.

He was very effusive, and people started ridiculing him. Meanwhile, I politely refused his advances. At first.

Later we arrived at a consensus that he was a “creepy stalker,” and now, FOUR YEARS LATER, he is still stalking me online, mostly on Disqus.

Nothing Better To Do?

More recently he has started emailing me on my publicly available email. Someone has also been trolling my blog recently and I suspect it’s him.

This troll has been impersonating my friends on Disqus, so that whenever someone with their name comments, I have to go ask whether or not it’s really my friend! Most of the time the answer is “no.”

This person LOVES to generate confusion and paranoia. Is that really my friend?

Is this guy one of his sock puppets? What about this person???

I think that’s an aspect he really enjoys…or she? Some sock puppets are female, and he actually creates discussions between them!

They might argue viciously or praise one another, or spend pages and pages and pages talking about me! A weird fixation with me is one of the tells you are dealing with a sock since normal people do NOT fixate on anyone like that–and least of all me!

It amazes me the time and energy someone like this invests in stalking another person.

The other day someone remembered a joke I made…who knows how long ago…that I didn’t remember AT ALL. The friend who mentioned it remembered part of it.

My stalker was able to provide the full quote and context. Just to avoid that sort of thing, I deleted THOUSANDS of comments I wrote under my old profile. I’d sometimes like to reference now but can’t, thanks to him and his antics.

He writes post after post after post about me, pretending he knows me in real life, professing to love and hate me, nearly in the same breath!

If you were to see his profile, you would find my nickname mentioned literally HUNDREDS of times in the span of a few weeks!

No Help From Disqus

Anyway, I have asked Disqus to do something about this because I not only have to deal with this stalker but a whole sock puppet army he has spawned.

He plays games with his sock puppets, and not just with me. He is the pest who bothers lots of people, and notably, though he claims to be a Muslim, he tends to attack Muslims in particular (though not exclusively).

One minute he will say he loves someone and the next he will be spewing hate-filled lies and accusations. He constantly accuses me of being those things which I’m most against.

A Zionist, a feminist, a “fat slut,” and so forth. He accuses me of having affairs with infamous Islamophobes who are proud to announce they “hate Islam” and are frequently drunk.

Basically, in terms of his accusations, every day is opposite day.

Disqus allows us to block users whose comments we do not want to see, which is great. But now if you report someone, they do nothing except remind you that you can block the person!

That does not stop him or her from following you around, defaming you left and right in comments, saying all manner of evil things!

Other platforms reduce some of this with better authentication and enforcement of their policies. Disqus was recently purchased, so I’m hoping we see some welcome changes, including a tightening of policies that are meant to reduce trolling, stalking and harassment.

My Own Fault?

Unfortunately, some people have accused me of doing something to get myself stalked, as if this under some circumstances, this sort of behavior may be a legitimate response.

Sorry, but I DO NOT DESERVE to be stalked and harassed! No one does!

I have repeatedly asked this person to leave me alone, and it’s his fault 100% that he has not complied!

I’m also blamed for the disruptions he causes, and I’ve been told he is my “baggage.” I’ve also had my innocent, relevant comments removed from posts on Disqus because he has come in and made trouble—as if I have control over his behavior!

Anyway, some friends on Disqus have tried to help by offering advice, some insisting I should block him and others saying I should NOT block him because then I can’t see what he’s saying about me.

Others insist I should make my profile private or get off Disqus completely [Update: I have left Disqus]. In the past, I made my previous profile private, blocked this guy, and even left for long periods of time.

He is still there.

When I came back and tried to be reborn with a fresh profile, my stalker recognized me! Almost immediately!

And he has been announcing the connection between my old and new identity ever since. Not that it matters since the biggest benefit of keeping the secret was avoiding him


I wish I could say something really useful like, “Here is a surefire way to get rid of a stalker.” But I’m in search of that “surefire” method myself!

All I can say is there’s a reason you shouldn’t use your real name online. If something like that has to happen, let it be to your FAKE profile nickname. 

It would be nice if we were all friends. But some people are mentally ill, and some of those people are relentless, sadistic stalkers who enjoy toying with their victims.

In some cases literally for YEARS!

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Hahaah! I know that stalker well enough. I am saying what I can say against him everywhere. Thanks to my moderation on MNC, No one deletes my comments. 😀
I love the feeling. 😛