Adorable fluffy ginger hamster against light-colored, blurry background.

How To Get Visitors to Click Like Mad

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New Design Inspires Click Sprees

by Lenna

Whoa..some of you love to click, click, click!

Ever since I put up this new theme, people are clicking like mad.

A single visitor might click dozens of posts. Sometimes over 100 in one session.

Is it fun to click when you have so many options? I don’t know, but I like it. 🙂

About the Design

This is a magazine theme which I really like. I created a new site icon and logo, as you may have noticed.

Is the logo still blurry?

Never mind! I have resolved to stop fiddling with it.

The face of an eagle staring intently in front of a blurry background.

Perfectionism is a greedy eater of time! This will have to do.

Before I couldn’t put my logo on the righthand side, even though it’s written in Arabic. Finally the English-language is on the left and the Arabic is on the right (on desktop).

That alone was worth the all the hoopla.

I also spent a ton of time choosing colors and designing the main layout. Now the newest posts are across the top, a little older ones are at the bottom, and whatever I’ve decided to highlight is in the center.

The Top Posts widget is something native to WordPress that I just dragged on the page. If no one looks at many of your posts on a given day, then that list is super short.

If you want to add a widget like that, you might want to wait until you have traffic so it gets populated. Or just not worry about it.

I don’t get a ton of comments but I put it in the nav anyway. Whatever you like, since your blog is your world.

Work is Play

One might think that since I do this type of work I wouldn’t want to do it on the weekend. But in this case, one would be wrong. 🙂

I love to design websites and for me, this has been really fun. It’s awesome and yet in a way disappointing to arrive at a design I like.

Sort of like eating a delicious meal and then wishing you were hungry just so you could eat it all over again. That’s me when I’m designing.

It’s nice to do something for a living that I actually like. Though I like my blog better than client sites because they’re less inclined to let me experiment and play.

I really don’t know how many hours I put into this, but it was A LOT. I’ve stayed up sometimes until 1 AM only to wake up at 5 AM and start again.

Because four hours of sleep is more than enough and there is stuff to tweak! 🙂

Oodles of Free Time

I have time because I hardly ever turn on the TV and I’m still doing OMAD (One Meal A Day). It’s awesome.

Do you realize how much time and energy most people invest in three meals per day? Plus snacks.

A black and white cat is sprawled out napping on a citrus green background.

I’ve heard people say fat people are lazy but I think that’s completely wrong. I’m lazy and acquiring and eating food takes energy!

I’m 100% sure there is no obese person who’s as lazy as I am. It’s easier not to eat than to be bothered.


…I feel a random tangent coming…

Katie Hopkins deliberately got fat just to make a huge spectacle out of calling fat people lazy.

Katie Hopkins Seems Mean

Clearly, skinny doesn’t mean nice.

Katie Hopkins is ruthless when it comes to demonizing fat people. And posing for photos in her underwear.

Do you remember what she said she’d do if Sadik Khan was elected mayor of London? Ugh.

Anyway, people get fat primarily from eating. Not from being lazy.

And there’s no reason for skinny Katie to humiliate fat people anyway. Since it’s better to be fat than mean and selfish.

I think so anyway. But I digress…

Blogging as Entertainment

The point is when you’re not eating or watching TV or doing a lot of socializing, there is plenty of time to endlessly design and redesign.

A paper doll nerd pumps his fist in front of "hello world" php computer jargon.

Oh…there’s one cool trick I do think it’s important to share before I wrap up. WordPress has a feature where you can rewind your changes.

You just go to your Activities, pick a point in time, and say, “rewind to this point.” Here are detailed instructions, in case you need them.

Very cool. You can’t do that with Joomla as far as I know.

I mention this because it’s usually easier to break things than it is to fix them.

I’ve broken things beyond repair with all my fiddling. All I had to do was click a few buttons and pretend it never happened. 🙂

Anyway, now I feel a digital marketing tangent coming on…so instead let’s talk briefly about the ginger hamster in the cover photo.

When I was searching for an image related to clicking a computer mouse, this adorable critter came up. He’s not even a mouse but who cares?

A hamster–especially a furry ginger one–is much cuter than office equipment. 🙂


You get people to click by choosing the right template, apparently. One with a lot of tempting things to explore and voila…visitors click like mad.

I’m done designing for now. It’s time to stop and write some posts, insha’Allah.

Tweaking can become addictive and go on forever. So at some point, you just have to call it.

Anyway, I’m glad some of you are having fun clicking around like kids in a candy store. 🙂

Stop back soon to see that Malta post I keep promising. I should have it up soon, insha’Allah.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome Day. 🙂



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