Technicolor Dragon

By the Light of the Fragrant Moon

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Photo by Matthew Schwartz, Unsplash.

by Lenna

Mean spirit, harsh words, no end on the horizon. No place for the ocean and the sun to meet, so my eyes cried another sea. I drizzled bitter amber everywhere and painted the whole world in shades of mud and gray.

Alone in my room, at last, I contemplated the perfect cocktail. Apple pie moonshine with fresh hemlock, on the rocks, blessed elixir of peace and eternal sleep.

I settled for a few cups of the shaman’s magic tea, and soon a technicolor dragon rolled across the ceiling and handed me a lavender dream.

I ascended the night sky and landed on a marshmallow cloud where angels flew by and was greeted by a band of smiling jinn.

Home at last in the shadow of His mercy, we stripped away the pain of the mud-streaked world and rejoiced by the light of the fragrant moon.

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Nabeel Azeez (@Nabeel4Reel)
Nabeel Azeez (@Nabeel4Reel)

“By the Light of the Fragrant Moon” is a great title for a Qasida.

Fragrant; he ﷺ smelled like musk.

Moon; his ﷺ face was more beautiful than the full moon, and he ﷺ had the complexion of a harvest moon.