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Are you a Coca-Cola Muslim? [Video]

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The West Corrupts Muslims

by Lenna

Lately, I’ve watched a lot of videos by Islamic scholar Abdur Raheem Green, who lives in the UK. I stumbled upon one I think is really good I’d like to share.

Green uses the proliferation of Coca-Cola, an iconic American brand, to frame a discussion around Western cultural hegemony and its influence on Muslims.

At the end of the lecture, he gives a quiz (in apparent jest) to help Muslims determine if they qualify as Coca-Cola Muslims.

The lecture is from 2007. I’m way behind the times. You can always count on me to bring you stale news. Videos nearly every Muslim on the planet has already seen. 🙂

If you missed this video or watched a long time ago, I recommend watching it now. It’s well worth the time.


NOTE: I first posted this on one of my Disqus channels, and Yusuf wrote this great summary of the content in comments:

The first third is about western consumer culture.

The second third is about the origins of Christianity and how its spread in the Roman Empire actually changed Christianity as opposed to the other way around.

The final third is about what exactly a Coca-cola Muslim is and how such Muslims are in danger of falling for what was discussed in the first two parts.

The last five or so minutes was a Q/A session which can be skipped. 


I really think this video is worth an hour of your time to watch in full: