A Beautiful Idea [Sparing and Sharing Food]

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Community Solutions to Hunger

by Lenna

There is really no reason for anyone to go hungry in America. Food is abundant, and unfortunately, a lot of it is wasted every single day. Whenever possible, we should be sparing and sharing food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Sometimes mysterious local policies make sharing food more difficult.

In our town, restaurants and shops are not permitted to give leftover food to the homeless. I don’t mean food that is rotted or unsafe, but rather food that’s no longer considered saleable because it’s “day old.”

I’m not sure what the reasoning behind this rule is, but a local shop has found a brilliant workaround.

They have set up two dumpsters. One is the usual sort of dumpster filled with trash. The other is a clean dumpster, with ONLY “day old” food discarded in clear, sealed plastic bags at closing time. Older food is cleaned out daily and moved to the trash before the bin is filled again.

I saw some people yesterday collect a bag of bagels from the “clean” dumpster, and thought this was an amazing idea. Someone told me the shop implemented this solution a long time ago, and the city has allowed it.

Caring Community Sharing Food

Where the government fails, the common people often come through for one another. That’s how it is in our community, where some people like to get creative.

sharing food
A Garden Share table is another great idea for sharing extra produce. Photo by Lenna.

Pictured above is a “Garden Share Table” where people place their extra produce. I was passing in the late afternoon when I snapped this photo last autumn, so most of what was placed on the table earlier had already been taken by passersby.

I think these are wonderful, generous ideas that reaffirm the goodwill of common people, alhamdulilah. 🙂

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Suzanne Schroeder

Wonderful idea! Thank you for letting us know about this.

Time to be Fearless
Time to be Fearless

Such a cool idea! I used to work at a soup kitchen which struggled to feed it’s large population of lunch and dinner-time guests. Pasta, sauce, salad and bread.. The food was rationed carefully. I always found it ironic that the kitchen was situated directly in the midst of local area restaurants who’d throw large amounts of food out regularly. When I inquired at the restaurants about this practice, they said it was because the town was very strict about making sure left-overs didn’t go to the soup kitchen. I can only assume it’s a liability issue? Either way, just… Read more »