Zionist Truth Dodging Exposed

You Decide: Overzealous Spam Filter or Zionist Truth Dodging?

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Cartoon entitled, “Israeli Propaganda Machine,” by Carlos Latuff

by Lenna

Is this an example of Zionist truth dodging on Disqus?

Support for Zionism has always depended on an ocean of lies. Because there is no other way to make something completely indefensible seem morally right.

Zionists Love Blame-Shifting.

They pretend the Palestinians caused their own suffering. As if they colonized their own land.

They pretend the Palestinians prompted the German Holocaust. Even Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tried to pass that off as a reasonable argument, only to be smacked down by none other than the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

They pretend the aftermath of Israel’s birth is also the fault of the Palestinians. The Palestinians shouldn’t really complain about being kicked out of their land because Jews were kicked out of Arab lands too. So we should call it even, right?

Except I have a counter argument for that, which I recently posted on a discussion entitled “What is a refugee?”

My Counterpoint

It’s Zionism and the birth of Israel that destroyed centuries-old Jewish communities in Arab lands. That’s not the fault of the Palestinians! Even if you blame the Arab governments, it’s STILL not the fault of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are NOT a repository for all the world’s guilt! Why should they pay with their patrimony for the crimes of the Holocaust in Europe AND what happened in the aftermath of Israel’s creation?

In any case, I say let’s invite ALL THE JEWS who left due to the birth of Israel to return to their original homelands. Since most are settled now and won’t want to return, they can opt for compensation instead. That’s fair, right?

Then we can use that as a precedent for the Palestinians, and Israel can offer them the right to return or receive compensation. That’s fair too.

I’ve noticed lately Zionists are busy blame shifting. The Palestinians are not responsible for the European Holocaust, and they didn’t colonize themselves. Someday Zionists are going to have to come to terms with their own wrongdoing.

It’s not easy since all they do is carry on about how unfair everyone has always been to Jews. But how do Jews treat others when it’s their turn to rule? We can see that now, can’t we? And be grateful there’s only one “Jewish State.”

Detected as Spam?

Curiously enough, this comment wound up being “Detected as Spam.”

Do you believe this was inadvertently caught in the spam filter? Or do you think it’s more likely the Zionist mods just didn’t want it to see the light of day?

I don’t know for sure. Maybe it really did fall into spam for some reason, and soon they’ll fish it out. I’m not holding my breath waiting.

Anyway, what really happened to my comment? Let the readers decide. 🙂