Convert Troubles

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by Lenna

I want to do a quick post, and I apologize in advance if it’s kind of a rant. 🙂

There are a few things I really dislike about the way some Muslims treat Muslim converts. Grrrr. Oh, and the way we talk about converts generally starting with…

The Word “Revert”

I get it. Since we’re born muslim (deliberate small “m”), when we accept Islam, we are really just “reverting” back to our natural state. Except not really!

There is a difference when you consciously embrace Islam and become a Muslim, not just a muslim. But even if describing the process of “reverting” made sense to me, using the word “revert” still wouldn’t.

So many times, people have to ask, “What’s a revert?”

Other times, they take the meaning of the world literally. The other day there was a debate over whether or not a large number of prison “reverts” indicated Muslims were committing a lot of crimes, and then shoring up their ties to Islam in prison! No! Jeez. Think of the implications!

In reality, non-Muslims are converting, possibly getting a fresh start in life. I seriously doubt there would have been this confusion about what’s going on if the author had just used “convert” instead of “revert.” Why introduce unnecessary ambiguity?

If we just use the word “convert,” you know what? It’s crystal clear.

Can we strike the word “revert” from our lexicon? Now. Pretty please?!?

“Born Muslim” Supremacy

On a debate forum someone said Islam is supremacist, and the other party to the debate said it can’t be because anyone can join. I thought that was a great point! Supremacist groups exclude people, like the Nazis would Jews and the KKK would blacks.

Everyone is welcome in Islam. Awesome. But even though Islam doesn’t exclude people, some Muslims do.

If you are a convert, you are always suspect, and what you say will be discounted or dismissed. There is no way you can become a “born Muslim.” It’s an exclusive club!

It happens to me on Disqus. It’s made very clear that I will ALWAYS be a second class Muslim in the minds of some, and what I actually do or say cannot change the status.

Not even a respected scholar like Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad can escape this stigma in the minds of such critics! I posted something about him, and was told his view was dismissed “precisely because he is a revert.” Is that really fair criteria?

Not only is this unfair, I think it’s illogical. I know “born Muslims” who barely know anything about Islam! They were from nominal families, and they didn’t learn much. Or worse, what they did learn is actually wrong!

This can happen when their own parents mix culture with religion, and confuse their kids so they are not even starting with a clean slate, but a bunch of wrong things they have to “unlearn.” I’ve seen it, but hey, these kids are still “born Muslims,” so they will always rank above me!

Of course if someone grows up from birth in an observant, righteous Muslim family learning from Day 1, that’s ideal. That is a huge advantage. But merely being a “born Muslim” doesn’t mean anything!

Nevermind making these arguments though. From what I can tell, this sort of prejudice isn’t even dented by reason. For some, the “born Muslim” is always better than the best of the coverts.

Evergreen Syndrome

I’ve been a Muslim for a long time now. More than a decade. Yet once someone knows I’m a convert, I suddenly become a “new Muslim” in need of coaching. Well, not always, but often enough!

Like the “born Muslim” prejudice, this one is hard to shake. You just ARE a “new Muslim,” and it’s a condition without a cure!

It reminds me of the movie Talladega Nights, where Ricky Bobby keeps praying to “baby Jesus,” and another person gets tired of it and points out that Jesus wasn’t a baby forever! He grew up! He had a beard! Likewise, we are NOT “new Muslims” forever, people!

Assumptions! Baseless, vexing assumptions!

Sometimes a convert knows a lot, and some have even become well-respected scholars. Well, respected among those who don’t dismiss them “precisely” because they’re “reverts.” Grrrr.


It’s really frustrating when your words are judged NOT on their own merit. When someone pigeonholes you and won’t let you escape some category in their mind.

Of course this happens with other categories too, like age, race, gender, etc. We all do this! We all see others through categorical lenses, so it’s matter of degree. But I think we should make a conscious effort to evaluate people’s words fairly.

And anyway, convert issues aside, why not be polite? I really hate being pounced on by other Muslims! Unfortunately it happens often enough that I find myself becoming shy, thinking maybe it’s better just not to say anything!

Why can’t we debate with one another in the spirit of kindness and mutual respect?

Of course we can…and I think we should! 🙂


  1. Lenna,

    I fully understand your frustrations here. From my manner of thought, the most faithful – really – are those who study from their hearts, immerse themselves in own journey, and find peace with themselves and others in their “newly” obtained knowledge.

    Having gotten to know you over the years, I know you are Muslimah – for that is your heart.


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      1. I will always support my bestie! In fact, I will support anyone who has taken her/his self away from the crazy world around us – if but to simply find her/his most true and genuine Self.

        You’re a special “case”, however. LOL! Meaning, I already understand how genuine you are. 🙂

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  2. This strikes a cord in me, it is very true and dear and near. This convert is a ‘2nd class’ muslim by many. For a religion that is spreading and many converts this stigma must change for it to go on. We must hold our heads high and help others learn to accept us. Insha’allah

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  3. Lenna, I understand your pain.
    All I know is, Muslims are the most judgmental nation, I don’t know why but they are. I live in a small place, a small country in a small world, Created by Him, Who is the King of the Heavens and the Earth, who am I to judge someone He created.. Right?
    I have seen a lot of people who judge Muslims because they think that the Muslims who live in the West aren’t true Muslims or something like that! And exactly the stuff you stated above.
    All I mean to say is, You are a Muslim, a better Muslim than me and maybe many others. Be proud of yourself and don’t ever let these people discourage you! 🙂
    I love you.. 🙂

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