A Call For An Uprising

by Lenna

This is not actually a call for an uprising. That is the name of my favorite YouTuber, and at this point, his channel is named A Call For An Uprising 2, because his first version was shut down.

He produces what you might call “Satanic Panic” videos, though originally that was supposed to be a derogatory term, and to him it still is. To me, it’s fitting and if Satan’s antics don’t make you panic, what does? 🙂

He speaks from a Christian perspective, and since I’m a Muslim, you’d think I’d watch the Satanic Panic videos produced by Muslims. Sometimes I do, and I avoid the Christian versions where the YouTuber is critical of Islam. But while I don’t share all of his views, I like A Call For An Uprising the best, for the very same reason that some other people don’t like his videos.

He is angry. I like that.

One of his signature expressions is, “GIVE ME A BREAK!”

There is no one I know who also fancies the Satanic Panic genre, and in fact nearly everyone seems think I’m a bit kooky for watching these videos. Binging on them, really.

My cousin indulges in a lot of good-natured teasing. If we are out and see a napkin holder that has decorative elements that sort of remotely look like “666,” she will point and then put her hands up to her head as devil horns and laugh. I do find this amusing, though I might not if it were anyone but her.

A Call For An Uprising videos are also good if you wind up listening a lot in the car, because you really can just listen. A lot of other videos don’t take into account that some people can only listen, so they’re always scrolling text across the screen or referencing images in a way that doesn’t make sense if you can’t see it. Not this guy.

Check out his videos out if you get a chance.

Whether you think his channel is good or not, I do wonder why RELIGIOUS people almost all scoff. I get that someone who doesn’t believe is likely to find it completely ridiculous that I literally believe Satan is afoot, bewitching people and leading them to hell. But believers?!?

We’ve been warned. The Bible and the Qur’an both clearly explain that the whole job of he Devil is to deceive people. To make what’s good seem bad and what’s bad seem good, and to lead as many of us as possible away from God. That is literally printed in black and white, in clear language, in the books that people profess to believe are revelation.

Yet they find the concept absurd and either humor me or openly ridicule the very idea. Not that I’m deterred by this in the least. I really don’t care if people think I’m crazy (maybe I am?). I just find it odd.

If what’s happening now is NOT what we were warned against, then in practical terms, what would it look like manifest? Does the religious skeptic have some completely different concept of how it would play out, or does he or she just not really believe what scripture actually says?

When I told my cousin I spent New Years binging on Satanic Panic videos, she said maybe my New Years Resolution should be to watch fewer, or maybe not to watch them anymore at all.

Not a chance. Even if every person I know thinks I’m crazy, I will keep watching them, insha’Allah. Otherwise, what? I should divert time to the very satanic media he’s exposing?

Give me a break! 🙂

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