Loons, All Across the Looniverse

by Lenna

The other day I was facing what seemed like a tidal wave of “counter jihadists” on Disqus, prompting me to binge block them all. They are relentless, fact-averse, and exhausting!

People who devote inordinate amounts of their free time spreading hateful half truths and lies about Islam day in and day out. They are truly obsessed!

I have tried to imagine how and why anyone would behave this way. I truly despise Zionism, but could I devote an entire channel to railing against it day and night? I don’t think so! Swimming in that sort of nonstop negativity is unhealthy and seems to lead to warped thinking, so that some of these people believe that even their most blatant lies are true.

Some of them can no longer talk to me as an individual. I’m a Muslim, so when I talk to them, in their minds, I’m a category, not a person. If I say I prefer chocolate ice cream over vanilla, they might say that’s because I hate white people and the West and I hate them because of Islam! Yes, I’m exaggerating to make a point, but not by much.

There is now a whole corner of the Internet devoted to hating Islam and Muslims, and some shelves in the bookstores too. Whether or not you’re a fan of Reza Aslan, I do think he was onto something when he said, more or less, that Islam has become the repository for all things scary or negative. I think some of this stems from the decay people sense, especially in some Western countries. Instead of seeing it for what it is, they look for a scapegoat and find Islam.

In any case, some of us feel compelled to debate and challenge “counter jihadists,” even as we continue to insist it’s against our better judgement. It’s very difficult to resist the urge to correct them when they are spreading lies that promote fear and hatred.

The results on the ground can be very real, as hatred boils over in the streets, especially here in the US after the election of Trump. So for Muslims, these are not just academic debates. We’re fighting for beloved deen, and for the truth, but also for the right to walk through the streets without provoking rage and possible violence.

I used to contribute to a blog where the “counter jihadists” had a name: loons.

A loon is actually a type of bird, but the word has come to mean , “a person with confused ideas; incapable of serious thought.” A simpler definition is a fool.

Note that term is derogatory, but fairly mild, at least compared to calling someone a hater, a bigot, or even an Islamophobe–a term I’ve never liked very much. Loon is short and simple, and I would say accurate. We used to call the interconnected propaganda web they’ve formed “the Looniverse.” As in, “All across the Looniverse, loons are salivating in the hopes the perpetrator is a Muslim….”

I’m avoiding naming names, since would then feel obliged to unban a loon so that he or she could run wild here on this channel, at least long enough to address this discussion. I prefer not to! This is a loon-free zone. Mosey on over to the channel Political Islam to see the most spot-on example of the Loooniverse here on Disqus.

Finding some way to differentiate who these people are in simple terms is important to a broader mission I have for The Golden Rule. I don’t have the time to expand on that now. In practical terms, it won’t change much, if at all. I still want to be flexible about what people post here. I’m talking about a philosophical framework I want to propose.

For now, I wanted to adopt the lexicon of Loonwatch–loons and the Looniverse–so that even if others on the channels are unaware, Goldies are in the know. 🙂

At this very moment, I’m procrastinating and in a few hours will probably pay dearly for it when I realize at the airport I’ve forgotten some essential and scold myself for dawdling. I’m headed overseas for a bit, and will try to pop in from time to time, but on those long flights across the sea, I hope to shore up the idea I have for this channel, and insha’Allah, share it when I get back to America.

Until then, please have fun practicing your new lexicon. Let’s see if we can spread here on the channels, so that all the loons all across the Looniverse know that they are loons. 🙂




  1. If I’m honest Lenna, we think you are losing it a bit and it is probably better that you conduct your own discussions on here instead of dragging down our Disqus channels.

    You seem to doubt your faith too much by crying on about this sort of thing. A genuine Muslim would not get rattled about something as trivial as this 😦


    1. Hi Tanveer,

      Thanks for visiting.

      Yes, things have gone very wrong on the channels, so my plans have changed.

      For now I do plan to manage the channels and post some there, unless and until it gets so bad, I decide to leave. Technically the Golden Rule is mine and no one else’s, so I can control it fully. But the whole idea was to interact with people, so if that part is awful, it’s pointless.

      Meanwhile, I do plan to start posting here, and if this gains enough traction, I’ll upgrade so I can add disqus here.

      One thing I do plan to avoid on the channels is disclosing anything personal, because I know all that sort of information can and will be used against me on the channels. So all my stuff going forward about my personal experiences will be here, insha’Allah.

      Stuff I may still post on the channels is about things like the origin of the coffeehouse. I’m writing a piece on that for the Golden Rule. It has nothing to do with me personally, and if that still generates attacks, I’ll just close the thread.

      I’m really sad about things going the way they have. It wasn’t long ago I was really excited about the channels. But maybe I’m just meant to post here, and it will be for the best.

      You and Floki, my friends from LW, are tried and true, alhamdulilah. I appreciate your support and friendship. 🙂

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  2. 3 Good Things About Islam (from an “islamophobes” point of view)

    No faggots
    No women talking back for the sake of undermining men.
    Muslim women are more loyal than western women.


  3. HI Lenna, you are a good writer please keep it up!

    I used to hate Zionism and was thinking about starting a Palestine club at school, but if you scratch beneath the surface you will see that we are wrong.

    This is a really good video that explains why the Palestinians are to blame. He’s a really good speaker too. Let me know what you think and if it changes your mind. Enjoy!


    1. “We” are wrong? Who is “we”?

      Pat condell? LOL. As if I”m going to take anything he says seriously.

      Bottom Line: The Palestinians didn’t steal and colonize their own land with Jewish settlements.

      Who buys these absurd hasbara talking points these days? LOL.


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