Thank you Woody :)

Word Count: 336

by Lenna

Anyone reading my comments as of late could be forgiven for thinking I live in a zoo.

I’ve mentioned that stink bugs invade my home, and that I can’t feed the birds because their food draws too many squirrels and raccoons. I’ve also been battling mice, partly because I insist on “catch and release” using humane traps.

A few days ago I heard a loud tap tap tap outside, and discovered a woodpecker pecking the overhang on my garage. I shooed him away from inside but he was unimpressed, and went on pecking away! I opened the window and shouted at him, and until he flew away.

But I knew he’d be back, and he’d probably bring some of his woodpecker friends.

Woodpeckers don’t peck your deck or trim on you house for no reason. They do this to get to food! They can detect wood boring insects, such as carpenter bees, long before you would ever notice–and before those destructive insects can seriously damage your home.

Realizing that woodpeckers are natural bug detectors, I called a professional exterminator right away and he took care of the problem.

I learned this lesson the hard way at one of my previous homes. That house was also on a hilly, partially wooded lot along a stream, which is not a coincidence. I keep buying houses on that sort of land because I like that setting, but so does the local wildlife.

In the first instance when woodpeckers were pecking my deck, I just put suet out for them as an alternative, not realizing they were trying to get at carpenter bees. By the time I figured that out, there was considerable damage.

So I hope by posting this, I can spare similar problems for someone else. And anyway, woodpeckers are gorgeous, amazing creatures, subhan’Allah. When they come pecking on wood on your property, they are doing you a favor! Take heed.

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